Baxton Media is an Australian Owned

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For the same reason you’d shop at a local butcher, visit an independent café or go down to your local pub – personal service. Everyone in our team knows who we’re working with, what projects we have coming up and what our goals are. You’ll feel like we are part of your team.


We’re an Australian owned and operated boutique media agency with global reach specialising in ‘levelling the playing field’ for small and medium sized businesses who don’t have the budgets of big corporations.

We’re not into the hard sell (when you know, you know, right?) but here’s a little more about us.


We provide big agency creativity without the big agency cost or feel – because no one likes to feel like a small fish in a big pond. Our services are flexible and bespoke to your business. And our mission is to drive you forward to reach your business goals through meaningful customer relationships.


We’re as passionate about making a success of your business as you are – and we thrive off being a part of your team. You will know us by name, have an Account Manager that you can call, email, WhatsApp, take for lunch… you’ll have peace of mind that you’re always a priority.


But we also believe that finding the right agency is like finding the right partner. You can’t force these things… It has to work both ways – so we’re not ashamed to let you know if we don’t think we’re the right fit for your business. It’s not personal – we’re all about honesty.


Our team is hand-picked – and so are the clients we work with.


Size isn’t everything – bigger agencies mean bigger teams of people – but not necessarily more talent, more ideas, more creativity and (crucially) more time for you.

We try not to toot our own horn too much and we’re not going to tell you that big agencies are the devil’s work – because it’s not true. Big agencies bring with them credibility, clout and time-tested project management that can make them perfect for big brands looking for big marketing. But if you’re an SME or start-up? A boutique agency will almost certainly be a better fit.

Boutique agencies can be more agile, more bespoke to your needs and more reactive. Simply put, it’s quicker to turn a jet-ski than a cruise ship. It’s also easier to get more hands on deck. We adapt our methodology to fit you – because what was right for one business might not be right for yours.

Boutique agencies are less likely to place your business onto a marketing assembly line. We’re anti-silo – we work together to make sure our team of experts is always connected. We share ideas, projects, concepts, disciplines and tasks – we like to collaborate, almost as much as we like to see you succeed.

One size doesn’t fit all anymore. That’s where boutique agencies come in.

We Deliver

New customers to your business month after month via Reputation Marketing in order to exceed client expectations.

The Way

We build, manage and market your business's 5-Star reputation globally to deliver customers to your business the way you want them.

To Create

Efficient project leadership through the values of transparency, sustainability, equitable labour, community and philanthropy.


Is the convergence of Reputation Marketing and Brand Awareness which results in accelerated customer attraction.

What We'll Do For You

We'll Build, Manage Market Your 5-Star Reputation


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